Ox-hugo & go-org

I have to start working on more content and creating few web sites so wonder whether there is plan to use go-org (if mature enough) within ox-hugo or it is still safer to convert org-mode markup to Blackfriday’s markdown?

I cannot “use” go-org in ox-hugo :slight_smile:

  • go-org kind of translates Org to HTML.
  • ox-hugo translates Org to Markdown, which then Blackfriday picks up to translate to HTML.

You would need to pick one of these two Org mode support options.

Theoretically, I can make ox-hugo export from Org to Org (yes ox-org exists) for go-org to pick up, but I don’t see much value in that effort, especially because ox-hugo has been pretty stable in what it does for a while now.

Any insight how does go-org behave with ox-hugo’s testing suite which is, afaik, quite comprehensive?

No, I am not qualified enough to tell how well go-org runs the ox-hugo test suite “as-is”.

All I can tell is that ox-hugo is for a better in-Emacs and better native Org mode experience. ox-hugo supports posts written as Org mode subtrees, allows inheritance of Org mode property drawers, supports Org macros, any arbitrary user-written Elisp hooks and advices around the ox-hugo functions, and much more (including not requiring Hugo features like archetypes, shortcodes and the new cascade front-matter for most cases)!

So in the end, it’s you, the user, who needs to try out the native Org mode support in Hugo via go-org and the Org -> Markdown flow via ox-hugo and see that best works for you.

ox-hugo was developed for one purpose and it’s still true… it makes it trivial to take any of your existing Org mode files and convert them to Hugo content by adding just 2 Org keywords at the minimum (HUGO_BASE_DIR and EXPORT_FILE_NAME), without even needing to move those files from where they already are.


I must say that, so far, I’m very pleased with ox-hugo!

Fair-enough. I’ll try go-org to see how it goes, although not sure how complete its orientation is in comparison with ‘native’ org-mode. :roll_eyes:

That’s, great indeed! Thank you for your input as well as work on ox-hugo. :wink:

You’re right!

I was playing a bit with go-org and it’s more natural (for me) to write posts using ox-hugo…

Just wonder if the migration to Goldmark is going to be smooth ?

From my initial testing, ox-hugo Markdown exports work just fine with Hugo v0.60+ as well once you have this in your config.toml to allow embedded HTML in the Markdown content files:

      unsafe = true

See https://gohugo.io/news/0.60.0-relnotes/ for details.

If you are still using ox-hugo and if you are finding issues with ox-hugo + Hugo 0.60+, please open issues on ox-hugo repo.