OpenStreetMap - LearnOverpass - GSOC 2015

Hello guys!

I just want to share my GSOC project to you!

GSOC (Google Summer of Code) is a global annual event where Google sponsors students to develop for open source organization.

I’m lucky to have been accepted twice. Last year, I worked on the wordpress translation platform glotpress.

This year I’m working for the Open Street Map organization, and I’m creating a learning platform for their Overpass API.

We want to create a learning platform where users can easily view documentation, as well as interactively try queries on the page itself. Another feature is to create an interactive suite of tutorials a la Codeacademy, Khan Academy CS, for example.

I posted it here in the hugo discussion forums because I am building the entire site using hugo.

I just think that it might be interesting for some of you, as a showcase for hugo.

As well, it might be interesting to see how I am building the project. There are a lot of things I am already doing to extend hugo’s functionality, like i18n localisation, and asset management with gulp.

You can also follow my progress on my blog where I post weekly updates. My blog is of course, also built using Hugo :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!