Language Cross Reference

Jack of all trades, master of none

Or so they say, but it seems to be true for programming languages, at least for me. I often work in different languages depending on the project, so while I usually know how to do something, I often forget the exact syntax. So I finally got around to building a cross reference, built with hugo:

Language Cross Reference

Yes, I see the irony that Go is not one of the languages currently available, but honestly I don’t know it well enough to even try to document it. Notable features:

  • Responsive layout built with CSS Grids (not really designed for phone, but anything larger works well)
  • Style and interaction controlled via CSS variables
  • Highlighted with Chroma with light and dark themes
  • Minimal vanilla JS for interactive features only
  • Data loaded via Data Templates
  • Build using a new “Compare” theme

I’m in the process of cleaning up a few spots in the theme so it’s more re-usable and trying to structure it to work well as a Theme Component. It hopefully will be useful for any kind of product or service plan comparison.


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