Open Web Analytics implementation

I need some general advice about what to do with some javascript from Open Web Analytics (

I’m currently building my site and would like to know where is the best place to put the javascript snippet? I would like this on all my pages, but ideally would only like to have one copy of it. Is there a template where I could include this that covers every single page? I was thinking of including it in the header.html file of my theme, but want to make sure that this is pulled in everywhere.

Thanks in advance.

Firstly, I would be caution on using it, until they sort our couple issues, for example why their website is only available over HTTP and not HTTPS.

If they failing on such basic thing, I would not pass any traffic data to them.

Header is general place for that btw.

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My URL for OWA code is https (over nginx), so I’m using https fine here. I see what you mean about their website though - not impressive.
Thanks. I’ll put it in the header.