Basic page-view analytics

I know that Hugo has a template for Google Analytics, but it feels a bit overkill for my site. I literally just want to know how many views each of my blog posts are getting. Does anyone have a minimal analytics solution they use? I’m hosting my website on Github Pages if it matters.

For Github Pages see this.

You can also use the forum search to see what others are using. There have been threads about analytics in the past.

I didn’t see any suggestions in the “similar topics”, but I clearly
shouldn’t have depended on that. Sorry about not doing my due diligence.

Hey, @Seanny123 It may seem like overkill, but because Hugo’s analytics is so easy to implement and these days Google Analytics has gotten easier to get basic information out of (check out the mobile app, which is really focused), I think it’s the best option. Just my 2 cents.

No need to apologize.

Most people over here use Google Analytics since it’s free. But there are also some who use hosted solutions eg Piwik that work on the server side.

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