Google tags reports a problem with my _internal/google_analytics_async.html

  • I am using {{ template "_internal/google_analytics_async.html" . }} in my <head> section and all seems working fine.

  • But I just checked the Google™ Tag Assistant and he reports an error : “Missing HTTP Response

  • I had a look at this 2016 issue but nothing rings a bell, except may be that my site is full https.

I guess that the wild use of this internal template makes a bug/problem very unlikely, but I’m puzzled.
Any link/tip/idea welcome.

For the record live site is here, repo is not public.

I think I figured it out. The script you have running checks for a Do Not Track setting. After I turned it off on chrome’s settings, the site was fine on the analytics side:


Ahhhhh … makes sense ! Can’t get it working right now but I’ll try further. Your explanation makes perfect sense.


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