Great community management

Over a @zwbetz’es blog, you can read a short but poignant post about one of the people whose avatar you can see every day in the list of latest responses.

I agree wholeheartedly and think more people should read this. Click the link! I also promise to hit the heart button more often when an answer is great.

By the way, the received hearts stats over the past year show a much clearer picture than the in the post mentioned all-time stats :slight_smile:


@jmooring answers to others’ posts in this forum have helped me a lot! In fact, if someone had the time, they could fish out some of those answers to add to tips and tricks. Here is an example.


Everything in that post is true! He’s here for all of us :slight_smile: :pray:


But that means I go from “9th of all time” down to…



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I gave you a heart to round this up.

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I have great respect for Joe Mooring in Hugo forum. He always comes up with quality response to any knowledge level question. I will say thanks for being here and sharing your quality advice :pray:

Q: how to support Hugo community other than likes?

1 response of Joe Mooring really saved me alot of time and I converted a big client who have really big blog/article website made with Wordpress to Hugo.

so I suggested bep this:

I have a suggestion, give me as a Hugo beginner the option to support the solutions of my choice. people give back knowledge which I do not have so I can give back my appreciation in the way I can.

I see some really great answers specially to my 1 recent post. is there a way to select a person on this website and make a thank you payment …

after getting no response to that I thought maybe I ask Joe Mooring directly

Do you have any support page like on this website, blog, patriot that I can subscribe or like or follow to help back

So again I didnt get any response I end up giving the client discount since it only took me a day to convert the website using Joe mooring’s technique. My question is other than likes in what other ways you guys support community experts? thanks.

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Totally agree with the blog post. He’s helped me out a lot of times.

Really grateful for the effort he puts in.


@jmooring’s tips and minimal reproducible examples are a bliss! I have used many of them to learn the basics of Hugo. Great work Sir!

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