On Windows, can I keep 2 versions of Hugo in different folders?

I have an older version of Hugo, in a folder, and some old projects built with it.

I want to start a new project with the current Hugo. Can I just make a new folder, install the current Hugo in there, then just “cd” into that new folder and run this new Hugo in there, and make new projects, all without disturbing my “old” Hugo / old projects?

(Eg if Hugo uses the Windows Registry, I imagine that would mean that the two versions interfered with each other?)

(By the way, I’m not a hard-core techie, just an ordinary “home website hacker”, so any “seriously tech workarounds” like “Install Docker” won’t be any use to me, unfortunately.)

Many TIA…

Hugo does not use the Windows Registry.

I don’t think there is a straightforward way to keep both Hugo versions on Windows and use them selectively since both binaries need to live in the Windows PATH to execute and there is bound to be conflict.

Perhaps someone else more knowledgeable with Windows, can offer further insights.

Stop thinking about “installing” into a directory. Download the “binary” for Windows of the version you like and put into a folder (there are zip files in the releases: Release v0.80.0 · gohugoio/hugo · GitHub). Then instead of running hugo server call hugo_0.80.0.exe or however you called the file. That should work. You could even add the hugo in the version you require for each project in the repo of said project and then run ./hugo server inside of that directory.

But me too :wink: no have Windows, I recently got my 16th years coin from Windows Anonymics :wink: On Linux it’s the way to go.

<beginning of OT comment>

I wish that was the case, but it is not. Not for a designer anyway.

Also the SSD management on Ubuntu sucks. I know so, because 3 years ago I got burnt badly.

Currently I have a Windows laptop (Dell E5500) I’m working on that also runs a Xubuntu 20.04 on VirtualBox. But I am so done with Windows and Dell at the moment and I am getting an M1 MacBook Pro, as soon as possible.

Been using MacOS on and off for design work since the late 90s and I’ve also done some Dev work with Hugo and Python on a Mac in 2018-19.

The Mac is preferable than both Windows and Linux, for Dev work also -as far as I am concerned-.

The Linux desktop is basically a beta for the Ubuntu / Red Hat Server Products, there are bugs from ages ago. Xubuntu 20.04 is better than 18.04 but just yesterday when I updated the Linux headers I got the lovely useless System Error from Apport again that I used to see every day when on Ubuntu 16.04 (no time to troubleshoot and I don’t really care as it runs on VirtualBox).

No. I am afraid that Linux is not the way. I would love it to be the way and I invested quite a bit of time learning Linux, but it is not. At least until Linux comes pre-installed in dedicated devices.

I know there are a few of these workstations/laptops around, but not available in my parts of the planet.

Also design work for print on Linux is basically impossible. Except for Krita and Inkscape and maybe a little bit of the GMIC filters in GIMP, a designer has to use MacOS for all the cool stuff and the stability.

</end of OT comment>

I moved everything “into the cloud”. Doing “design” by eye and pixelpushery. Yes, Mac is better for everything related to “real design”. I run, ehm, I think, Ubuntu 20.10 on all stations. I don’t care about the interface, because my programming environments are in JAVA and work everywhere. Everything else is online. I can see these things very abstract (think “Tron”).

Updates on Ubuntu are easy and never destroyed anything here. What destroyed things was this whole “Oh, let’s look if Mubuntu or Lubuntu is nicer” and then I ended up with issues :wink:

And Inkscape is great, once you decided for a format of measurement. For the weird stuff.

I recently got hold of a Windows 10 based all in one HP computer that teached me there is still hardware around, that works only on Windows, but for some years now Ubuntu is great for default hardwares.

But yes: Graphic Design? Use Mac. Music Design? Use Mac. Everything else, use something that is based on Debian or Ubunutu and looks good to your eyes. When I stopped customizing my computers I stopped “bricking” them.

Disclaimer: I don’t hate Windows, but I sleep much better since I stopped using it. Not religious about it. But also not remiscient :laughing: People still call my daily about how to fix things on Windows and I’ll fix them by hearing (there is a button saying this, it’s a blue screen with that).

Windows …

  • create a project directory for every Hugo project
  • copy latest hugo.exe in every of this directories
  • open command line in a directory and run Hugo, I created batch files (.cmd) to simplify it

Hugo does NOT look outside of this project tree

Sharing content - I make links like in Linux

sample startHugo.cmd

start explorer "http://localhost:1313/"
hugo server --watch -b http://localhost/  --noHTTPCache --navigateToChanged

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