Not stable render

Hello all,

I have a problem of not stable render of the page.

To show my problem I’ve created following repository as a reference.

I expect on page /otherpage to see messages from /includes/ and otherpage/incl/ file.

When I start hugo serve it renders only include from /includes/ file.
While server is running, I delete otherpage/incl/ and recreate it. Now include from otherpage/incl/ is also on the screen.

Now I stop the server. Run hugo to build the website. Open public/otherpage/index.html. Only is included. ( public dir was deleted before running the command)

Have I missed something in configuration? :thinking:

Following Hugo build was used:

$ hugo version
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.72.0/extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate: unknown

I suspect we have had a very recent similar discussion. But before I spend time on this, I would appreciate if you could fix the issue I pointed at in the last thread.

Many thanks!

I’ve fixed issue in the last thread by using _build attribute.

Created separate thread as it seems that this problem is not connected to that one.

Up to you.

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I’ve looked again and reiterated on differences between and

Now I completely understood where you point me at, @bep. And thanks for that. Now I had an “aha!” moment, finally.

With this, everything is working now. And include shortcode work.

Also understood why LiveReload was not working for me. It not worked because it requires valid HTML structure in the html page. It was not there (it was plain text) and scripts were not able to find inject location.

Sorry for bothering you with such silly things… and thanks for being patient with me and pointing to the right direction. Much appreciated.

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