Not generating any pages other than index

I’m starting a new site. It’s my fourth or fifth one using Hugo. For some reason, it’s only generating one page: the homepage, and not generating any other pages. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but I don’t know what it is. I’m using Hugo v0.32.2.

When I run it on another computer with v0.18.1, it generates five pages, as expected.

The source code is up at

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There’s nothing in your theme that seems to be iterating on any pages…

When I switch to the Kube theme, I get the same result. 404 from /core, /core/x, /development, /development/x, etc.

This at the root of your /content…
Get rid of it :wink:

If you want to add some front matter to your index page use

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Aha! That did it. thanks! I will now proceed to smack my forehead :wink:

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Just realized I’d been following you on twitter for years. Ah ah! Glad I could help.

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