What may prevent page from rendering?

Maybe I should try asking at theme repo, but trying some luck here.

The theme I use organises files as docs/something/index.md

I was hoping to an extra file docs/something/more.md and see it rendered as docs/something/more.html or docs/something/more but I get 404 error (hugo serve -D).

Is there some restriction in Hugo for not showing files inside folder except index? How is it controlled?

The theme is https://themes.gohugo.io/hugo-whisper-theme/

Many thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Have a read here about Page Bundles: https://gohugo.io/content-management/page-bundles/

If you want docs/something/more/ to be navigable, you need to turn docs/something/index.md into an _index.md. Otherwise, more.md is treated as a Page-type Resource, not a Page, which means it does not get rendered as its own page.

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Thank you so much for clarification and documaentation link!

The unintended side effect of renaming index.md to _index.md was… more.md shows up in the page side bas instead of _index.md, replacing it. Hard for me to guess why!