Non-English Unicode Support in Hugo Markdown Post

I have hugo installed in my VPS. I use it mainly for my personal blogs. I mainly write posts in english. But sometimes I need to write posts in non-english language (i.e. Bengali) unicode.

But markdown file’s post is not supporting non-enlish unicdoe character. When I write post in Bengali language it’s showing just blank page, no title, no post content, nothing. is there any way to write markdown file (.md) in unicode (non-english)?

My Post format is:
categories = [""]
comments = true
date = “2019-08-16”
draft = false
showpagemeta = true
showcomments = true
tags = [“tag1”, “tag2”, “tag3”]
title = “some title”

any kind of help is appreciated. Thanks.

Can you put your repo on Github or one of the markdown files in a gist? I want to check this out for myself. Bengali is UTF-8 if I am not mistaken and should work, maybe you have some other character error in there.

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