CSS rendering on Netlify server is different than when the webpage is run locally?

Here is a github repo link to my website: https://github.com/adityagarg7/personal-website.git

When I run hugo server -D locally in the project directory, the home page renders like the image on the left:

However, when I built it using hugo -D command and then using the public dir to deploy on netlify server, the site looks like the one on the right!

I am using the hermit theme, and I had made certain tweaks to their CSS. What netlify is producing is that it is ignoring all the tweaks that I made to the CSS of my theme, and rendering it in the theme’s default CSS. This means that the tweaks I made to the theme’s CSS didnot build when I had tried to build the static public folder, why did this happen? How can I resolve this?

Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

My netlify webpage is live at: https://gracious-bhabha-2a542e.netlify.app/

Sorry and thank you, this was a very trivial mistake.

All I had to do was to read my theme’s documentation properly (not doing it was a stupid beginner’s mistake :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Lesson learn!) Hermit’s theme documentation clearly states that if one intends to make changes to theme’s default CSS, then can do so, but they will have to copy the modified files to the website’s root directory (keeping the same relative path) Because that CSS there can override theme’s default CSS. I did that and the problem is fixed. Sorry for this raising this trivial issue. Thank you very much!

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