Hyde theme not loading on Netlify

I am trying to change theme from ananke to hyde for my docs (https://rsyncosx.netlify.app/). If I change theme to hyde is does not build and load properly on Netlify.

As a test created a brand new site, added hyde theme and deployed it on Netlify, https://vibrant-edison-9e6bec.netlify.app/. And it does not load.

Does anyone know what it takes for Netlify to properly load the hyde theme?

You have not updated the baseURL in your project’s config.

Assets in the Netlfiy demo are 404 because their src attributes reference http://example.org/

Thx, that did it…

Well, the theme loaded… but not the posts… The posts shows locally utilizing hugo server -D

As per the sitemap of the demo there are no posts published.

It is difficult to say what is going on. You need to read the Requesting Help guidelines and ask in a different topic if the problem persists, also make sure to include a link to the source code of the project.

Thx, I also se that producing static pages does not include pages… I will request for help if I dont manage to find out. It is not my theme and I am not an javascript developer …

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