No (or blank) layout

I’m trying to build a dynamic page that has no layout. Is there anyway to specify


or somesuch?

As an aside - this is why I need it. I like the Recent Articles list on my blog, but every time I publish a new blog entry, all 5500+ files have to be updated to support the new list. I want to create a html file of that same widget, store it in web root, and then just Ajax it in post page launch. That way I’m not updating all those files every time I publish.

So I figured out something - seems like a hack, but it works.

Made a new page, It uses layout=“blank”.

blank.html is a copy of the recent widget (maybe I could just include it)

Net result is a page of just the recent entries.

You don’t want to just create the empty page in the /static/ folder?

Because I need to include the custom logic to display the past 5 articles.