Page generated without content folder


I’m trying to generate a page that contains all my content in one file for printing purposes, at the /together end point.

This is easy enough if I create (a) a together/list.html template using .Site.Pages and (b) a content/together folder with an file.

Is there a way of doing this without having to include the content/together folder and file? I want to preserve a sane content structure but generate this page dynamically.

you could have it in /content/ root and in the frontmatter give it a type = “” and a layout = “” to use and make a template at /layouts/type/layout.html

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Still means adding a file to content folder, but this is a nice half-way house. Thank you!

That’s literally the only place you can create a buildable page from. You could build a page from a file in the data folder but I think you still need to create that page from a file in content.

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