No demo site for my theme

The demo site builds (on, I think, fail for my theme. This may arise due to the fact that I have multiple config files in my exampleSite, none of which are named config. Is there any way for me to explicitly define the build command for demo build? Something as simple as hugo --config posts.toml

Yes, just enter hugo help at your terminal, and all the switches are there.

You can specify the config with --config, e.g.:

hugo --config="/path/to/project/config.toml" --baseURL="" -s /path/to/project/ -d /tmp/
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No. This is not possible.

For your Theme’s demo to generate on the Hugo wesite you really need to have a config.toml under /exampleSite/

If there were any kind of flags for the Build Script or support for multiple config files we would have mentioned these in the README.


Looks like I misunderstood the question. Sorry about that.

@RickCogley No problem. :wave: