Nice fonts

I use Typekit for most of my fonts, and have some favourites there. I prefer serifs for body text and this blog article jumped at me as “that is a nice serif” (it’s a good read, too):

Noto Serif from Google:

The Noto Fonts project is a really great idea. There are Sans variants too.

In fact there are 99 Noto fonts (but a monospace aint one. Use Droid Sans Mono for that).

Well, I didn’t know Noto existed, and I must say it’s really an interesting font. Until now, I always used Georgia on my blog, but I wonder if I could change for Noto…

So thanks for the tip ! :slight_smile:

(Georgia on the left, Noto on the right)

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I got to say that the right variant is miles ahead of the left. So much easier on the eye, easier to read – and just better looking.

I tried to search a Georgia remplacement for years and wasn’t satisfied with any of the Serif fonts I tried. But now, I think I’ll switch. And you can save the files on your server instead of depending on Google Fonts, I like that too…

Noto is a great font, and what I am using for my bilingual English/Japanese company site. The CJK variant of it is pretty heavy, so, I sub-setted it to use just the “daily use” Japanese characters, and the font files are down to a reasonable 400K or 500K from a couple of megs each. File weight is a real problem with Chinese/Japanese/Korean fonts.

I learned that Google and Adobe worked on and released Noto and “Source Han Sans” together, and they are the same. Adobe is being weird about the copyright though, and don’t allow a web variant of their “Source Han Sans” on TypeKit.