Did the fonts here change?

Totally offtopic and meta… did the font’s here in this discourse change recently? They look very different on Chromium to me. Not like in serif to sans-serif but like sans serif to a little bigger, a little more “smudgier” and different curves… not sure yet if it’s a better change. Still readable, but noticable different. I wonder if that is a system change or something that changed in Chromium (which got updated last night).

No, the forum font looks the same as always, on Windows 10 Firefox and iOS 14 Safari.

It’s probably Chromium or the OS you are using.

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OCD sucks sometimes :wink:

Are you on a Mac @davidsneighbour? Big Sur brought changes to font rendering compared to Catalina, improved to my eyes.

No, it’s a simple Ubuntu Linux. And by the way, the fonts are back to normal today. This is weird.

The pandemic has been hard on the eyes! Personally, I skipped my regular check-up because of the current situation and I’m pretty sure I could do with a new pair of specs.

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