My Kaomoji blog made with Hugo and Netlify

This is Kaomoji site which I’ve developed using Hugo. I’m happy to share with you.


That’s so interesting for me! ʕ◔ϖ◔ʔ

I see what you did there, but I am also unable to copy paste the I see what you did there kaomoji (I learnt something new today) from that page:

It seems that I always can copy similar kaomojis, but never the current one. I am on Chromium Browser here. And - see the preview of the link above (you don’t see the preview, but copy paste one of the links in the textform here and it says “unable to generate preview due to opengraph issues”). There seem to be some issues with your head-tags.

Other than that, linked. I like doing stuff with character(s).

Thank you for the reminder, I will improve it next time.

That’s a great website. However, I think you’re using Google Sans and Google hasn’t licensed that font for our use. It looks great and Google probably won’t care but I thought, I’d just let you know if you didn’t already.

Thank you for your suggestion, I will revise it.