Noob Friendly Complete Landing Page Generator - Feedback Requested

TWO years ago I brought up this point.

NOW! I finally have something produced that addresses that noob factor. One doesn’t need to know css, nor go templates, javascript etc. I had to sell my house and rather than build something one off I decided to make it a tool others could use.

It’s a single page generator theme with sections and a butt load of settings in the config file, a nice set of shortcodes and a guide and starter built from …you guessed…Hugo! It’s mobile first and responsive. There is a very nice version of the youtube shortcode with many features including using image thumbs which will make your pages load way faster. Might be worth stealing for your project.

If you need a fast way to “whip” out a page that looks custom this is it.

Here is the guide

Here is the Starter

I’m already using it to sell my house. It’s definitely functional. That’s three sites I’ve built with it already. It uses the theme I developed as a submodule so it’s easy to incorporate changes I make to the theme.

It’s in pre-release at this point. I need some Hugo experienced and not so experienced folks to give it try and give me some feed back before I continue on and eventually ask for it to be put on the showcase.

I want to thank Steve for creating Hugo and especially @bep Bjorn for answering so many of my questions in a timely and thoughtful manner. His help got me through a few tough issues with the templating. Hugo is such a cool project and without this open source tool it would not be possible to make my tool which itself is open and free.


Nice, work I will check it out shortly…

you should add this to the theme section for more people to find it

@gaetawoo ur right…I was hoping for some feedback before doing that but none came via this post so I’ll do that.

but…with the starter site it’s meant be a complete site more than a “theme” one plugs in, yet there is a theme repo of course.

I see this comment at the hugoThemes repo

If your theme doesn't fit into the Hugo Basic Example site, we encourage theme authors to supply a self-contained Hugo site in /exampleSite. I do have an “example” that is actually a starter site. and

Really it would be better to just provide a screenshot and a link to the guide site as the theme really isn’t meant to be used as a theme plugin and the guide has all the details for noobs (or others) to use/customize the starter repo.

If folks try to use the theme as a plugin they will just be frustrated especially noobs.

@bep some advice here?