Netlify not picking up changes to header.html using hugo-paper theme

Using the Hugo Paper theme.
This is my repo that is linked to Netlify

Everything is up to date on my repo. I even checked my local server as well pulling up public/index.html locally after building the public folder and everything is appearing as it should. Things I changed were the favicon as well as the placing in a battery emoji on the left next to “ProdShip” in the header.

Here’s a screenshot of it showing up locally:
Was going to include a screenshot showing the latest changes in my repo but limited on screenshots for this post.

I downloaded the .zip from the build within the Netlify UI and none of the changes appear. Not sure where I can make a change to have Netlify pick up on the new file. This is a screenshot of what I see in the index.html when downloading the .zip which is the file with no new changes to the favi or heading/footer emoji’s.

It looks like it picks up the changes made to the text components but not the individual index.html files.

Any help is appreciated. I checked the baseURL i have it setup to my live domain which is setup on netlify.

Here is the screenshot of what I see after downloading the .zip for my latest Netlify deploy

Where are you changing header.html?

In your git repo, you don’t have your own version of layouts/partials/header.html. I think the problem could be with how you’re using submodules.

Instead of modifying header.html in themes/layout/partials, you need to put a copy of the themes header.html file in /layouts/partials. The reason for this is that the edits you make to the submodule won’t get updated on GitHub, and so netlify doesn’t know about them. However, hugo will override any theme’s files if you’ve got a file with the same name in your root directory.

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Thank you!

Yes, that ended up working. Moving header.html to layouts/partials/.

Didn’t know that would fix it. But it did. And thank you for explaining the “why” behind making this move.