Hugo / Netlify Problem

Needed to redeploy hugo website to netlify. Theme is deploying but content is missing. Looked over everything I could find on the topic but just can’t get it to work. Need new eyes.


Things I tried:

  1. Cloned the site with recurse submodules like so:
    git clone --recurse-submodules

  2. Updated netlify.toml including version (0.73.0) as suggested on the airspace repo

  3. Double-checked that there is no draft = true in the front matter.

  4. Local Server anomaly. Worked fine on hugo 0.58.3. Then upgraded to 0.74.1 thinking that could fix it. Now local server is serving up the theme but no content. Just like what is happening on netlify.

Appreciate any suggestions to fix.


Looked into /public and saw . Could be the goldmark/commonmark issue or something else. Checking

meant to say saw:

. Sounds like the goldmark update issue.

SOLVED!! It was the goldmark.rendered issue so added the following to the config.toml file:

unsafe = true