Need naming advice for new "static server"

I’m not too far away from finishing a tool I primarily made for myself to get some control of my Hugo sites (and HTTPS) hosting. But I’m sure others could have use for this, too. I started by adapting another similar tool ( by adding pull request implementations covering my needs, but bending that software into my world felt like more work than building one from scratch. Think “poor man’s Netlify”. Netlify is pretty great, but it can be pricey if you have many sites.

I will give you a heads up when I think it is ready for others to use.

But until then, I would like you to look at this issue and suggest a better name:

From the README:

Planned features:

  • Auto TLS via
  • Forced HTTPS (optional) and configurable security headers
  • Virtual hosts support with S3 bucket sharing
  • Hot-Reloading of server, including adding and removing virtual hosts
  • LRU Cache to save money on S3 bandwidth. Set a max size and just let it manage itself.
  • Load balancing and HA via DNS
  • Cross-site (i.e. all servers in domain) cache purge from signed URLs (think web hooks on deployment)