Hugo PR preview solution

Hey guys,
We are using hugo as our website framework to deploy our official website on kubernetes, as more and more github pull requests coming in we’d like to provide a preview link based on code of PR. therefore does anyone know whether theres is a existing project doing the things we need to? (something like a kubernetes operator that download pr codes, start a new instance,and expose the website via sub_url? ) or maybe there are something more simplier solution.

I don’t know of anything read-to-use that does what you describe (other than Netlify and the other service providers).

I started some experiements creating this “poor man’s Netlify” some years ago (time goes fast):

It’s by no means something that can be used, but it shows some concept that I thought about back then. The last commit tests out PR previews …

Thanks for sharing,will have a deeper investigation :slight_smile:

One option is to use Netlify just for deploy previews would be free and less work then rolling your own.

You could have previews set up just for PRs or just for branches with links on GitHub PRs in 5 mins.