Multiple markdown lists not showing correctly

Hi guys, I’m running into some problems with the markdown lists.

For example, if I want a bulleted list and a numbered list at the same level, what I usually do would be

* bulleted first
* bulleted second
1. numbered first
2. numbered second

However, hugo would render the numbered list as bulleted list, so I am acuatally getting

<li>bulleted first</li>
<li>bulleted second</li>
<li>numbered first</li>
<li>numbered second</li>

If I put the two numbered list items before the two bulleted list items, I will get four numbered list items in result.
Put blank line in between of the two groups won’t help. This is quite confusing. Am I missing something here?
Thanks in advance.

It works like it is expected to, see documentation e.g. daringfireball. Otherwise you wont be able to use paragraphs in your lists.

What you can do is writing some content in between your lists, for example a <!-- comment --> will work to separate your lists:

- item1
- item 2

<!-- comment -->

1. first
2. second

will become

  • item1
  • item 2
  1. first
  2. second

Beyond that you would maybe consider to get some real text in between your lists for typographical aspects – at least I’m not able to get a sorted and unsorted list together in any way.

Thanks for the reply. Adding content in between did the trick.
However, I’m not sure if it is the expected output, it seems different markdown engines have different ways of interpreting mixed list items. For the example in my original post, this test site can distinguish the numbered list and bulleted list, while this one can not.

Well, you’re right. I should have better called it the expected output of the blackfriday markdown engine used for .md-files in Hugo.

Markdown itself is unfortunately not a complete standardized markup language and you will find many examples of different behaviour of different engines…

This is a known issue with Blackfriday.

Thanks for the info, glad to see that a fix is on the way.

I am not able to fix list on my page with this workaround. Here’s what I have

# Title 1 # 

- First
- Second
<!-- any comment -->

# Title 2 #

- thrid
- fourth
<!-- any comment -->

But it doesn’t render as unordered list, with list type disc (which is what I used in styles).