Deep nested lists not supported?

I’m trying to create a list three levels deep (which seems to be supported by Markdown), but Hugo isn’t rendering the page correctly.

The following Markdown:

* Outer
  * Nested
    * Inner

Is rendered as:

• Outer
  ◦ Nested
  ◦ Inner

Is that expected behaviour, or is this a bug?

Not supported. Also discussed elsewhere. Use saarch.

I misread your question to be about nested section lists.

Given the issue also reproduces with Live Markdown, it would seem to be a Blackfriday issue. I’ve raised it with them - #329.

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It has been two and a half years and Blackfriday has refused to fix the issue. Maybe it is time for Hugo to switch to a better Markdown processor. I’m just feeling very frustrated seeing an error only to discover that, yes, that is a known error but no one is fixing it. I’m going to have to change our three-level lists to raw HTML. The marketing people are going to LOVE that. :slightly_frowning_face:

There is an open GitHub issue about using a different Markdown processor in Hugo.

Feel free to track: