Markdown unordered list parsing issue?

It seems like the markdown parser does not parse more than two levels of neste unordered lists.

Having this markdown in a content file:

- Level 1 alone
- Level 1 with sublevels
  * Level 2
    + Level 3
  * Level 2
    + And more Level 3
    + Level 3 once again
  * Shoule be Level 2
- Level 1 alone at last

It should have resulted in three levels of <ul>, or so I thought. But it ended up like this:

HTML looking like this:

<li>Level 1 alone</li>
<li>Level 1 with sublevels

<li>Level 2</li>
<li>Level 3</li>
<li>Level 2</li>
<li>And more Level 3</li>
<li>Level 3 once again</li>
<li>Shoule be Level 2</li>
<li>Level 1 alone at last</li>

Ran Hugo 0.54, then tried head.
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.55.0-DEV/extended darwin/amd64
go version go1.12.1 darwin/amd64

Should I report it as a bug somehow? :slight_smile:


Try with 4-space tab indents:

Ah, thanks. That worked. :slightly_smiling_face:
(Would be nice to have two spaces work …)

So, for bug reporting, I should use github, I take it? :cowboy_hat_face:

Yeah, at least specifically for this issue. Note though that that issue has been open since 2017, so…