Multipages "All posts"

I’m porting my Wordpress blog to Hugo.

I’ve been able to do the majority of things I did in Wordpress, but some do not work as I hoped.

The thing that is actually bothering me is that Wordpress, by default, has a page with all posts snippets (or full posts) and after N posts, it ends the page putting links to the “Older entries”.

I’ve implemented this thing in Hugo with:

{{ range first 20 (where .Data.Pages.ByDate.Reverse "Section" "post") }}
  {{ .Render "list" }}
{{ end }}

It works perfectly for the first 20 entries, but after that it does not create a “second page” and so forth. How can I solve this? Is there a way to tell Hugo to create enough pages to fit all posts?

Currently, no.

But it is a must-have-feature that is bound to happen very soon, see

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I really hope to see this feature in the next stable version of Hugo