Multilingual website: new method with no efforts

Hi everybody,

I just built a new multilingual website with Weglot. In a few minutes you can have a multilingual website with no codebase changes and a few steps to make.

Here is the demo website :

And here is the tutorial to do the same :

I hope you’ll appreciate!

That’s very interesting. Can you explain what the difference is between Google translate and Webglot? Why not just use on-the-fly Google Translate?


Hi @third_try, good question!

Weglot is based on Google, Deepl and Bing to gives a first translation of all your website pages. Then, you can access your dashboard to see all translations in order to fit exactly to your needs. Weglot also gives you a little piece of JavaScript to have a custom language switcher. You don’t have to code it yourself!

So, your translation has a much better quality than a classic Google translate.

You can check my article if you want to see dashboard screenshots or if you need more informations.