Seeking Hugo Expert for Auto Multilingual Content Transformation!

Project Overview:

Auto generate and update content pages and i18n files in Hugo.

Looking for a Hugo expert to assist with turning our existing English content into multiple desired languages. The goal is to create content directories, i18n files, and ensure translated pages are automatically updated using the Google Translations API.

What We Need:

  • Hugo expert with experience in auto content translation.
  • Proficiency in implementing automatic translation updates using the Google Translations API.

If you’re a Hugo pro who can help us on this journey, please get in touch. Your expertise will be greatly appreciated! :raised_hands:

Thank you!

For a professional site, you might want to go for a better quality, eg DeepL


HI @chrillek

Deep support is very limited for languages such as arabic, Hebrew or Hindi is not even available in deepl. it is good for only European languages there are no options which covers Asia,middle east and africa.

So the google is the only option but if there is a hybrid option then I can use it for now and say translate these languages with deepl and rest with google.

Is this possible?


It’s “DeepL”. And yes, the support for languages is limited. But do you really want to insult people with bad (or even incomplete) Google translations? I know what I’m talking about as I got those quite often in former times, and I’m still foaming at the mouth today when Google simply does not translate the only two important words in a Hungarian (or whatever) text.

In many African countries, English or French are still official languages (for better or worse).
Is your audience really the whole world? Then you also have to worry about North-Frisian, Luxemburgian, and the languages of the First People. And so many others.

I’d rather go for quality than quantity. As to the “is it possible”: Certainly. You just have to set up the process to feed your English (or whatever) MD files into DeepL’s and/or Google’s APIs and store the result as MD again. Hoping that neither service translates your date or draft front matter keys (or your {{< figure-shortcode >}} to “abbreviation de figure”).


ok got your point can you make it work with deepl translations api?

if yes please DM me


Anyone here … As this is still open thanks

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