Multilingual URL - slug is being ignored

I’m setting up a multilingual site and I would like to rewrite the slug of a given page. I have two files in my content folder: /content/about/ and /content/about/ Inside the file I have this as front matter:

title: À propos
slug: a-propos

And in my config file I have this set:

  blog: /:section/:slug/
  about: /:slug/

For some odd reason, the blog permalinks get rewritten fine, but the About page is ignored and still generates at

I don’t know how to solve this problem. :thinking:

Permalinks configuration have no effect on section pages. With the up-coming Hugo 0.33 you can set the url to whatever you like, but there is no concept of slug/permalinks etc.

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Thanks for you reply bep. Does that mean that section pages can’t have a dedicated URL as well?

I’ve tried removing the permalink configuration since you said it has no effect, but I thought Hugo would still take into account the slug parameter in the file.

You might have guessed, my initial goal was to have these two URLs:

I’m trying to understand if my problem resides in my content organization, my config file, or if I’m just trying to do something that can’t be done at this time. :smile:

Will the upcoming url feature with Hugo 0.33 work with i18n content? I have a feeling it might be the solution I’m looking for.

Not sure what you mean by dedicated, but as I said: They can in Hugo 0.33 (next version), but you will have to set the url in front matter. That will work with multiple languages.

Alright I think I got it. Thanks a lot for your reply. :slight_smile: