Multilingual site - Remove redirect?

This is for - my personal site

I have two languages - English (en) and Lithuanian (lt).

English is the default.

Hugo generates the homepage in English & Lithuanian. /en, however, always redirects to the homepage. Is there a way for it to NOT do this?

I have set up an auto redirect with _redirects on netlify:

/  /lt  302  Language=lt

Because my Lithuanian users would much rather see the Lithuanian site first instead of English because they’ll get bespooked. However, I can’t give all the content in Lithuanian and when I test this stuff myself, it is so annoying because when I go to (which should show the English site) it redirects to the homepage ( which will then redirect you to In other words; there’s no way to view the English site if my browser language is Lithuanian.

One solution is to set a cookie to track the user’s preference:

Both the language and the country can be specified in a cookie as well ( nf_lang and nf_country respectively), so you can easily override the default behavior with JavaScript.

I feel like there should be an easier solution?