How to disable automatic Multilingual behavior?

I’m working on a site that was built with the previous version of Hugo, and now that we’ve upgraded to the new version with Multilingual support, we’re having some URL/alias issues. We are not trying to utilize the Multilingual features of Hugo at this time, and I’d like to disable them, but haven’t found any way to do so.

Here’s the relevant portions of the config:
{ "baseurl": "", "languageCode": "en-us", "theme": "seo", "title": "Customer name here", "defaultExtension": "html", "uglyURLs": true, "canonifyurls": false, "relativeURLs": true, "enableRobotsTXT": false, "disableHugoGeneratorInject": true, "disableRSS": true, "disableSitemap": true, "metaDataFormat": "json" }

We get the following at build time, which leads me to believe that Hugo is picking up and acting on the /en/ in the baseURL:
Started building sites ... Built site for language en:

We’re getting some odd relative paths being written in alias files, where it’s inserting an unnecessary “../” into the redirect path. My theory is that the Multilingual feature may be causing this, and I’d like to be able to disable it. Any help?


You enable multilingual by adding a language configuration with more than one language.

That said, I notice that you have /en as a subdir in the baseURL, which may confuse Hugo to think it is a language.

I’m pretty sure you can trick Hugo in the right direction by adding a dummy:

defaultContentLanguage: "none"

Or some other random string in your config.

But please create an issue at GitHub about this.

Thanks for the quick response! I tried adding the defaultContentLanguage: "none", which did change the build script output, but didn’t seem to change anything about how the site behaved, including the alias redirect path.

New build output:
Started building sites ... Built site for language none:

I will pursue creating an issue on GitHub about this.


Just to be clear: Multilingual isn’t a feature you can turn on and off. Hugo has language support (one or more); a site will always be in a language (defaults to en if not set).