Multilingual site - default language in subdir redirect


I am currently updating my website in Hugo 0.26 and making it multilingual.

I am using :

defaultContentLanguage = "en"
defaultContentLanguageInSubdir = true

And i wanted to know:
Does hugo redirect any link made to the BaseDir to the default language when used with the defaultContentLanguageInSubdir option ?
Like redirecting someone accessing to without to configure the server ?


It does not. You will only see the root domain and usual url’s when accessing the default language.

For example, this is my site and the default is also EN:

The alternative portuguese version is at

Okay, thanks you.

I will make the redirection in Netlify.

But if only using the languages in subdir, i think it should redirect at least the homepage from the root to the one in the default language the website in using.

EDIT: I see, after restarting the hugo server, than it is redirecting automatically. I do not know if this in the correct behavior, if this is hugo doing it or directly the browser.