Multilingual relLangURL gives inaccurate url

I am using relLangURL in header to make it easy to click and go to the homepage in the particular language version. So an example would be to go to instead of just if you are already in the french version of the site.

The problem I have is relLangURL gives me this url instead /fr/47
And it does so for other languages too (I have one in spanish or /es/47).
Where is this 47 number coming from? I have no idea… And that number comes up for all posts in all languages. So it is not related to any particular post.

The config file is fairly standard. An example for french

    contentDir = "content/fr"
    languageName = "French"
    weight = 20  

P.S. absLangURL gives the same number 47 in the url. And when you click through the url, it of course gives a 404 page not found error.

Apparently, this error is produced if you have single quotation marks rather than double quotation marks for base of url.

So this will produce the error :
{{ '/' | relLangURL }}

This will not produce the error :
{{ "/" | relLangURL }}