Move index.html to subdirectory

I’m moving an old blog that has enough inbound links to make me want to keep the URL scheme. I’m currently hitting a snag with index.html in subdirectories.

My content structure looks like this:


and gives me a public directory like this -


I’d like public/books.html to become public/books/index.html is there an option to enable this kind of index page? I don’t think it has an impact but I’ve enabled uglyurls if that makes any difference.

Thanks in advance.

Disable uglyurls should do the trick.

And now I feel completely like a fool for not double checking that. Your suggestion worked.

My current issue is that I need the uglyurl behaviour for the other content, the actual posts, as each old link will be to $foo.html. Is there was way to toggle the index part separately or am I better off trying to fix this in nginx?