Subdirectories and the difference between hugo 0.31 and newer

I explained my problem similar here, but the other user wrote that his problem is solved, but my not. I read the last hours in the documentation and i did not found my solution. What i have is a in my content folder and then a subfolder “privacy” in content. In this “privacy” folder, there is a and some other files, named like “”, “”. I created also a new template and trie to learn. In my list.html, i have the code

{{ define "main" }} {{ .Content }} {{ range .Pages.ByWeight }} <h3>{{ .Title }}</h3> {{ .Content }} {{ end }} {{ end }}

When i now use hugo server, i can’t navigate to localhost:1313/privacy - i got an 404 error. But when i move all files out of the folder, refresh the browser and move them file by file back, it works. The same construct works with hugo 0.31 directly. I think it could be something with leaf and branch bundles, the changes in the newer versions, but i did not see the key to solve.

Nobody to say something about? :neutral_face: I tested now other ways to find the problem, e.g. change to and some dummy text. Switching to the subdirectory i got again the 404 error. I also add the options canonifyURLs = “false”, relativeURLs = “true”, uglyURLs = “true” to my config.toml. No different behavior. My baseURL have a “/” at the end. Same problem. I added different other themes, e.g. “DETOX” and got a 404.

Well of course you get a 404 error with such a setup.

Why have you placed an directly under /content/?

Either remove it or rename it to

Well if I were you I would read it again and again and then I would search the forum more and more before opening a redundant topic.

I’m closing this.

But if you still cannot resolve your issue, then feel free to open another topic but this time you really need to include a link to the source of your Hugo project for people to see what’s going on.