How to generate blog/index.html instead of post/index.html?

I am migrating an existing Jekyll website. In my current website my blog index is stored under blog/index.html, whereas Hugo by default puts it in post/index.html in the auto-generated post type page. I haven’t been able to figure out how to move or alias this page to blog/index.html.

I tried moving content/post to content/blog in an attempt to simply rename the entire node type, but hugo crashes if I do this.

Any ideas?


What do you mean crashes? It should work.

I’m guessing you use a theme that has hardcoded the section in some where clause (the crash likely being the .Paginator not handling zero matches elegantly (a bug that is fixed))?

Also see

Thanks! That was it, in fact I am using a customized version of hyde-x but still with the “post” type hardcoded. I changed it to “blog” and everything worked fine.