"Module CSS" to take advantage of the awesome figure shortcode

Was just playing around with the the built in figure shortcode when I realized one could make this really neat.

figure supports the following parameters:

  • src (you know what this is)
  • link (turns the img into a link!)
  • title (figcaption in H4 format)
  • caption (figcaption in paragraph format)
  • class (good to have)
  • attr (attribution)
  • attrlink (links the text we set in attribution)
  • alt (good stuff for Google)

Now, styling figure figcaption h4 and figure figcaption p with display:inline lets us just put every parameter after one another – as opposed to a lot of line breaks that appear when we decide to use all parameters unstyled.

Hope to be able to provide an example soon. /Cheers!

Or, ya know, other good stuff:stuck_out_tongue:

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