Figure srclink=content

A lot of my work requires linking to the actual image, so a common thing for me to do is:

figure src=whatever link=whatever

I figure the shortcode could be extended to be something like

figure srclink=whatever

which would generate both for me? Certainly users can rightclick and load and/or I can keep typing in the url twice, it would just be convienent to indicate this behavior quicker.

Secondly is there a sane way to indicate that you want a figure with a width to have text wrap around it/be aligned left or right,e tc?

I’m confused as to the first question, but you can create your own shortcodes pretty easily. As far as layout, that’s more a CSS and classing issue, so you are only limited by your imagination. I would check the docs. Can you explain what you mean wrt using the filepath/src twice? Are you saying that your figcaption is technically the same a img src contained inside the figure element?

Show me your ideal shortcode and your ideal output (markup, not presentation), and I’ll see how I can help:)