Figure shortcode & h4

(Disclaimer: I’m new to hugo!)

I recently discovered the built-in figure shortcode.

I’m wondering why it uses an h4 tag for the caption? It’s not a header and it makes styling a bit more of a hassle.

Is there a way to tell it not to add it?


Welcome to the forums @asm.

To answer your question, you can override the builtin figure shortcode with your own version. Here’s how:

  1. Copy the code from the builtin figure shortcode here
  2. Create a file at your-site/layouts/shortcodes/figure.html then paste in that code
  3. Tweak the shortcode as desired, e.g. replace the <h4> tags on line 16 with something else

Thanks! That helps a lot.

I see from that code that if I use “caption” instead of “title” I get a <p> instead of an <h4>.

Slightly better, but I don’t know why it feels the need to add anything…