Mixed Content Error - Publishing to GitHub pages

I am building a GitHub pages site with a custom domain, and I have set the baseURL value in both a hugo.toml file and as a second attempt, in a config.toml just in case. Neither has fixed this error where the page is trying to load the theme/JS files from http and I see this in the dev tools console:

Mixed Content: The page at 'https://www.will-code-for-pay.com/' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure stylesheet 'http://www.will-code-for-pay.com/theme.min.4a7adaae74bbfed8a1bc02779a28cb26bed20f704048301344690c44af008313.css'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

GitHub Pages Site

Live Site

The theme is the Bilberry v4. I have looked at other solutions on this forum but so far, no luck.

Generating your site locally works perfectly - so the issue must be somewhere else :wink:

first: you committed both config files. remove config.toml

I would say your Guthub Pages url for your repository is set badly. Check it in your “Repository Settings” → “Github Pages”

guess there it’s written with http: - If not unpublishing and republishing your site might help.


Checking your workflow run the hugo build step:

Expand “Build Hugo” and “run hugo” you see

Run hugo \
  hugo \
    --gc \
    --minify \
    --baseURL "http://www.will-code-for-pay.com/"

This is taken from your workflow at

run: |
          hugo \
            --gc \
            --minify \
            --baseURL "${{ steps.pages.outputs.base_url }}/"

The workflow will not take it from the baseURL config setting but the GitHub Pages setting - which is normal

When in doubt, unplug it, wait a minute, and plug it back in! :grinning: Unpublishing it and rerunning the workflow did the trick, I didn’t check the “Enforce HTTPS” option until after the first time it was published, somehow that value didn’t get changed with subsequent runs. Thanks for your help.

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