Migrate from Ghost to Hugo

I currently have a blog running on Ghost. But now I want to migrate to Hugo. But, the issue I am facing is with theme. I have a customized casper theme from ghost. But, now I want to migrate that to hugo theme. Is there any easy way or guide or migrator for converting handlebars(ghost) templates to go (hugo) templates?

Thank you :slightly_smiling:

You could use the Hugo casper immediately if your theme is not highly customized. Alternatively, you use it as a foundation to port your theme.

If you still want to port the Ghost theme yourself it shouldn’t be hard to learn Go’s template language which is very simplistic. The Hugo docs have a primer tutorial for Go templates.

The more important aspect in my eyes is that you know what templates will be used for which kind of pages.

Thank you for your guidance. I will start looking at the docs and use the Hugo casper for the reference. :thumbsup: