MathJax works on homepage but not work in post

I am trying to add MathJax support in hyde theme.I overide head.html with below directory structure:
└── partials
├── head.html
└── mathjax_01.html

I add mathjax_01.html in head.html.

Then when I run the server hugo server -D, I can see the formula in home page, but after click the post title to open the post, the formula is displayed as plain text!

My sample code is pushed in github:
git clone

Would you please help figure out what’s wrong with my code?


You could try to set the blackfriday fractions option in your config to false:

Or use \frac{1}{5} instead of {1/5}?

I suspect (but am not sure) it has something to do with the difference between how fractions (ie 1/5) are rendered by .Summary (in your index.html) vs .Content (in single.html).

Thanks, after add below option to config file:
fractions = false

It works!