MathJax renders in local server but not when published?

(EDIT before even posting: as a new user, I’m limited to one media and one link.)

As of v0.122.0, Math Typesetting is now possible in Hugo. I tried incorporating some maths in my blog.

During live preview (hugo server), Math formulae are rendered as intended by MathJax/Katex (I tried both), but when published, they aren’t. Screenshot below:

Live, math not rendered:

Not sure why this is happening. In Step 3 of “Mathematics in markdown” documentation, to “conditionally call the partial template”, I put mine in layouts/partial/head.html instead of in layouts/_default/baseof.html. This is the only deviation I made, as far as I know.

Repo of my site can be found here: GitHub - oqolarte/oblong: back-up files of oblong blog

Could this be a hosting issue and/or something else outside of Hugo?

Thanks in advance for any help; and thanks to the developers for adding Math Typesetting to Hugo!

Use your browser’s dev tools to troubleshoot.

This isn’t a Hugo thing.

Thanks for the input!

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