Master RSS Feed for all posts - how?

So far I have managed to do everything from 404 error to one rss feed per tag/category. But what I really need is one valid feed of all posts, regardless of tag or category, and a feed that excludes static pages.

All posts are in /posts but when I try ranging over “Section” “posts” it still puts an index.xml file under each section/tag. How do I get just one big feed of everything but the pages?

I am now using {{- $pages := (where .Data.Pages "Type" "post") -}} which seems like it should grab all posts but not other pages. But my feeds are still split by tag:



I just want one major feed at site/index.xml - but that one, the one I really want, is not being created at all, just 404…

Have you specified RSS as one of the formats you want to output for home etc?

  home: ["HTML","RSS"]
  section: ["HTML","RSS"]

Be default it’s only HTML. After adding RSS you should get a site/index.xml.


At some point during my recent WordPress > Hugo migration, a lot of cruft was introduced into both my front matter and the body of my posts. This caused my posts to stop showing up in my account, due to feed errors. I did not catch this for awhile since I don’t post that often. The feed was, in fact, invalid. During the early stages of troubleshooting, I removed the RSS output from home, and – of course – forgot about it.

Thank you for catching this - no telling how many hours of frustration you may have saved me!