RSS for Single postings? (single.xml?)

Most of my blog’s individual postings are collections of individual items such as pictures: /trips/iceland.html will show a collection of my Iceland Trip pictures

Does anybody know if it would be possible to have an RSS feed for every individual posting (/trips/iceland.xml, not trips/rss.xml)? I have been playing with renaming it to single.xml and playing with the [outputformats] and [mediaType] fields on the config files with zero success so far.

Is something like this even possible with hugo?

Creating a layouts/_default/single.xml template might work. But what is the point of having a feed with a single post? Who would subscribe to it?

You need to tell Hugo, that it should create RSS for these sections. Probably like this:

trip = [ "HTML", "RSS" ]

The default is HTML only for pages I believe, so you have to tell it.

I tried this, it didn’t work, although it should

About subscribing, at this point it’s just for me to keep track of the content on an RSS reader.

I tried this, but still only renders trips/index.xml , not trips/*/index.xml

it looks like [outputs] can only go one level in, not two levels to single posts. I am not sure if this is by design.

all these pages are of kind page. Try page instead of trip. It might create more than you like.

That totally worked and it was so simple, thanks so much @davidsneighbour !

Something else, I can’t quite mark this as [solved] as I (potentially) found a kink here.

@davidsneighbour 's solution works although it only seem to display the default RSS, it completely ignores _default/single.rss.xml (and /trips/single.rss.xml and so on).

I have tried with several combinations and I can’t seem to be able to make hugo read my own RSS template, it only displays the default one.

Did I just find a bug or does anybody know if I am missing anything here?