Mars Rover Society, IIITDM

This website was a voluntary project that Anurag and I made for one of our college clubs. It is built using Bootstrap v5 and AOS, and the design is inspired from SpaceX.
The theme is open-source in case you’re interested.

This is the link to the website:


Nice done and I like that the animations look good and aren’t annoying or overly “intrusive”.

The only critique I would have is that at the project section you write six-wheeler and have a photo of a four-wheeler. I guess that is an earlier project stage :smiley:

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Thanks, and yes it is an earlier project stage so they’re still using placeholder text until they’re sure about the specs.

I love the design. Great work.

I’m assuming the form is closed while the site is under construction, but wanted to point it out just in case it was missed - I’ve launched sites before and forgotten to open the form.

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