[THEME][DESIGN] "Désert" — Could my last theme interest someone?

Hi everybody :slight_smile:

I’m proud and happy to use Hugo since some months…
As a graphic designer, coding is not everyday the most easy part, but I’m trying to do my best.

I’m finishing the design of a theme for my friend’s theater company :
## Le Désert en Ville

Do you think a sharable/stable version of this theme could interest the community ?
I mean, if you do think, I can do my best to cleanup the code and simplify the functions for a standard usage :slight_smile:

It’s actually responsive, but i’m sure there are a looot of bug.

(This could be my way to thank all the Hugo community for their great job and help)










That’s a nice looking website. Good job!

I could imagine that this theme can be used for creative people, e.g. photographers, painters, designers, directors etc, to showcase their work in a nice looking portfolio.

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OH YEAH! That is a slick website. Nice theme, too.

Visuals are bold, colors are cool and calming, I get a dusk/evening feeling with the orange. Very eye grabbing. You have a gift or got very lucky on your first try.

How long did it take you to bang that together? An afternoon, one week?!?

Thanks for sharing.

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Thank’s a lot for your feedback !
It tooks a long time because I worked with my friend to develop this site from scratch… I had to understand the concept of her company, to explains her what is a website… then to work on the a visual identity : logo, colors, spirit…
In the same time we think about navigation doing a bunch of Wireframe…

For the dev it tooks at least 1 week, I did it by myself.